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Year: 2015

Santa Lucia neighborhood in Vitoria has a new skatepark. This is the fourth city skatepark with San Martin, Sansomendi and Zabalgana. It has replaced the old skatepark with two "spins" whera a generation of skaters who rided in Vitoria.

Judimendi skatepark in Santa Lucia has created a new skateboarding scene in this part of town. Everyday objects have been used to transform cityscape. Zebra crossings, culverts and guardrails are deformed and adapted to the use of the skaters.

On a  1400 m2 area skatepark has street and ramp course. You can find on one line some classic spots (stair rails, etc.) and also rare and furtive obstacles (barriers, wallies, etc). Materials have been chosen with detail on each obstacle. It has different levels of sliding surfaces for ramp and flat areas. Enjoy it¡


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