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Year: 2018

The objective of the present project can be established in two directions. On the one hand, to solve the conflict generated between the skaters and the users at Plaza de la Constitución. On the other hand, project an action that improves the state of general deterioration of some elements of the park, accessibility and lighting.
The proposed solution consists on the adaptation of a space of similar surface to that of the Plaza de la Constitución for the practice of "skateboarding". For this, the construction of a "skateplaza" on the west promenade and the adaptation of the Plaza Mirador for the practice of "skateboarding" is planned. Both spaces add up to an area of 1480 m2, similar to the surface currently used by skaters. 
It should be noted that the space factor in the practice of skateboarding is fundamental, so the option to reform the current skatepark (in a state of deterioration and lack of use) that currently occupies 640 m2 is undone. Instead, it is decided to replace the current skatepark (except for the element called "miniramp" that receives frequent use) by another different equipment. The installation of a Calisthenics and Street Workout circuit is planned, which adapts perfectly to the available surface and from which there is currently a growing demand.
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