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Year: 2010

The Rioja Football  Federation offices has its headquarters at  the Municipal Football Stadium Las Gaunas. The reformation enlarge the existent offices with 100m2 dedicated to administrative practices of referees.

The place is next to the access door nº 6 of the stadium, in the northeast. The side facing the street is north orientation and the south orientation is close to the internal circulation zones of the stadium. Therefore one of the biggest constraints is its orientation, which is optimal with respect to office use but very bad with respect to criteria for acoustic and thermal insulation. It raised a façade consistent with the rest of the facade of color and geometry field and doubly insulated sandwich panel (in addition to existing insulation) and carpentry with thermal break.

The need to communicate the original offices of the Federation with the new offices of arbitrators at the request of the Federation resulted in the placement of a lift for internal use between levels +0.00 (offices of referees) and +4,55 (Federation offices).

The internal  layout was with access from insde the stadium, but independent of access to the soccer field. The office was distributed at a reception, three offices, meeting rooms, storage and bathrooms. The layout allows natural light into every corner of the room thus reducing the use of artificial light.

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