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Year: 2011

The main idea of the project is based on the lack of space in Ibiza and the Ibiza´s urban architecture does not offer spots for skateboarding. That is why the space factor is the main idea for this project. A street skate plaza where the space between spots is so big to create unlimted lines.

The skateplaza has become a new meeting point for the skaters, bikers and rollers. It is located in the Figueretas sport center.The Ibiza´s skaters have been demanding a new place for skateboarding because the old skatepark of Gesa is in poor condition.

The plaza is divided in tree levels:

-In the top level there is a 9 stairs set.

-The second level is the  biggest one, with planters and ledges.

-Between this level and the third level there is a 5 set stairs with rails, planter and  low to high.

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