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Year: 2010

The Fielato is a 1909´s  building located in Ojacastro. It´s a one level building with a gable roof and masonry´s walls. It worked as a tax collection center for many years but it´s allready abandoned. Next to this old building there is a small and ruined building who works as a medical consultation.

Ojacastro´s city hall planed to create a multipurpose center with social and medical services for the five areas of Ojacastro: Ojacastro´villa, Pisón´s neigbourhood, and Tondeluna, Arviza, Uyarra y San Asensio de los Cantos´s villages. 

The project starts as a building who grows in two directions; It grows up with a new level, and it grows to the south with a new outbuilding. All the local ordinances where fullfiled in orther to create a modern and respectful building. Buliding access is located between the old and the new building. The first level is dedicated to retirement home, computer room and celebrations room. The medical consultation, ATS, pharmacy and social worker are located in the second level of the new building. The offices for associations, and the conference and exhibition room are located in the second level of the old building.

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