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Year: 2018

The needs program established by the skate associations has been agreed with the IMD (Municipal Sports Institute of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)  including a "ramp area" and reserve the rest of the action for a skateplaza. All agreed about  demolishing the old skatepark.

The project reforms an emblematic public space of the maritime promenade of Las Palmas through an inclusive, open urbanism with a sporting character. The visual space of the environment is opened by eliminating the existing fences and elements of great height. New spots are integrated as an other plaza arround. The amazings flats at Las Plalmas plazas is an inspiration in the configuration of this new space. The existing metal pergola, with patrimonial protection, is re-valueed by repainting same colors for flatbars and metal

An action of 1813 m2 is planned, extending north and southwards with respect to the 1150 m2 of the current skatepark. It is a skatepark withof a pool, a miniramp and a "street" or "skateplaza" area. The "skateplaza" area is located at the current level of the skatepark and is extended to the south and north taking advantage of the existing lows to high. The square will be paved with granite and concrete.

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